Commercial Storage

When your business is filled with valuables new and old, your office can only hold so many things. If there are too many objects in one building it can cause clutter and make it a needle in a haystack situation to find something you’re looking for. For these reasons it is best to partake in Atlas Storage’s self storage units to help you organize and still be able to obtain all of your valuables without the clutter. We provide the best storage services for all of your commercial storage needs.

Our self-storage facility assists business with a roomy, secure unit to put their belongings in for later use. Whether you need vehicle storage units or a mini storage, we are proudly able to accommodate our units for your every need. Don’t suffocate your business with old furniture and other possessions that are too valuable to give or throw away.

Moreover, as the owner of your storage company you will be able to access your unit every day of the week. This is beneficial for both you and your office for a more efficient way of organizing your things.

If you are looking for reliable commercial storage units, Atlas Storage is at your service. We proudly serve the residents in Coeur d'Alene, ID!


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